Refund and Cancellation policies and guidelines for Clients


  • The Client has the right to ask for a refund or eSIM-replacement if the eSIM cannot be installed and used. Most issues can be solved by email or chat ([email protected]).
  • After the refund is processed, it may take 5-15 business days for the refund to show on the Client’s payment card statement (if the payment was made via credit card). Via PayPal, it takes several minutes after issuing a refund. Refunds are issued to the same payment method (i.e., credit card or PayPal) used to make the purchase.
  • All refunds (except crypto payments) are subject to a 10% fee due to credit card and other payment system charges and processing resources required to provide a product and then cancel it and issue a refund.
  • Refills are not refundable.
  • Once the Client scans the provided QR code and/or installs the eSIM, it will be considered used. No refunds will be offered.


  • To return a hotspot, the hotspot must be in an unused condition and include the original box and/or packaging with all tags. Simfinity Telco will provide a return address, and the Client will be responsible for shipping fees.
  • Simfinity Telco inspects all returned hotspots and issues a refund based on the condition of the hotspot and the Client’s remaining data balance.
  • Simfinity Telco reserves the right to terminate services at any time due to the occurrence of an event arising from network collapse or cessation of maintenance provision by network operators that prevent Simfinity Telco from providing service in any destination covered by its service list. In such cases, no refunds will be provided.

Crypto payments:

  • Crypto payments are not refundable in most cases.
  • Under specific circumstances, the Simfinity Telco crypto processor may issue refunds to Clients when their funds remain in the system wallet. In the event of repeated erroneous payments to the wallet (resulting from a payment form overdue) or if the payment has been made in an unsupported currency, refunds for crypto payments are possible.
  • The Client assumes responsibility for any network fees or commissions associated with the reversal of the crypto transaction. By understanding and accepting this responsibility, the Client can proceed with the refund request with full knowledge of the potential costs involved.
  • To determine if a refund is possible, Clients should initiate a crypto refund by submitting a comprehensive request to customer support, including the transaction hash and the wallet to which the payment was sent.
  • If the Client makes a payment with an insufficient amount, the Client is requested to immediately contact Simfinity Telco’s customer support to rectify the payment discrepancy and transfer the missing amount.
  • Supported networks for crypto payments: Ethereum, Tron, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum One.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: ‘USDT (TRC20)’, ‘BTC’, ‘BUSD’, ‘DAI’, ‘AXS (ERC20)’, ‘DASH’, ‘DOGE’, ‘ETH’, ‘LTC’, ‘TUSD (ERC20)’, ‘USDC (ERC20)’, ‘USDT (ERC20)’, ‘XRP’, ‘TRX’, ‘AXS (TRC20)’, ‘HT (TRC20)’, ‘ETH (TRC20)’, ‘BUSD (BEP20)’, ‘ETH (BEP20)’, ‘DAI (BEP20)’, ‘USDT (BEP20)’, ‘DESU (BEP20)’, ‘ADA (BEP20)’, ‘USDC (BEP20)’, ‘BTCB (BEP20)’, ‘CSC’. Please note that there is a minimum limit for the payment for each cryptocurrency.